Monday, August 22, 2005

For Sale

After much debate I've decided to sell this piece which I titled Dripping in Innuendo but that everyone understandably refers to as the "Hey" piece.

The book, Hey, is a book of short poems written and hand-stamped in an edition of 1000 by Carl Sesar in the 1970s. The buttons on the coat are made from pages of a second copy of the book. When I made this piece I had no idea who Carl Sesar was, I just thought it was an interesting book that I found at the world famous Pawlet Library Book Sale. The next day, I made this.

Coincidentally, in March of this year I met a talented writer and poet, David Weinstock, who back in the day was a student of Cesar's and actually helped collate this book for binding. He credits Cesar with having an enormous influence on his writing. That was a nice added twist.

Click on the photo to see additional photos.

Price: $650. Plus delivery. If you happen to live in an interesting place that I would like to visit - I'll deliver it. ;-)


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