Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh My Yo!

Some time ago there was a girl who said "Oh My God!" all the time.

She said it whenever she saw something she couldn't believe or describe. Shocking things. Funny things. Idiotic things.

One day she figured out she didn't really mean "Oh My God!"

More likely she meant "Holy *#&@!"

While most people wouldn't care about such details, for her it posed quite a dilemma.

She didn't even believe in god. Why was she calling out to one? And some of the people she hung out with did believe in God (note the Capital G).

She wondered if they ever got offended that she called out the name of their higher power when something stupid or unexpected happened - like the time her friend said "I dare a bird to fly by and [poop] in my hand right now." and when she stuck out her palm a sparrow on a power line above crapped right in it. True story. Honest to yo!

Anyway no one seemed to care if she said "Oh my God" or not (most of them said it too), but still she decided she didn't want to say it anymore and tried to come up with something new. But it was such a versatile phrase! How would she ever replace it?

She tried the usuals: Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh! Oh my word!

Nope. Let's be reasonable.

Then she tried oddball stuff: Oh my thalamus! Oh my throw rug! Oh my taxidermist!

Right. You see the problem. Friends feared she was having a breakdown.

One day, quite by accident, something happened, something private, all the words in her mouth got mixed together and "Oh My Yo!" sputtered out.

It stuck. She started saying it. No one even asked what she meant. They just knew.

Before long her friends were saying it too.

No one really knows what it means, or what it is. But they do.

"Oh My Yo!"

You just know when you've got it.

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