Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reports of my demise...

April 11, 2006

Dear Granville Rescue Squad,

Last Sunday morning I was in my front yard taking extreme close-ups of dew drops on blades of grass for a new series of photographs I am working on called Meditations. In order to get a clear image of the miniscule droplets I have to lay with the camera on the ground and stay unbelievably still while capturing the image.

Apparently a passer-by saw me sprawled flat, seemingly lifeless, on the lawn and worried I might have fallen or been otherwise injured or even...worse? So they (whoever they are) anonymously called for an ambulance.

It wasn’t until the first EMT arrived that I even looked up (though by then I could hear the ambulance sirens approaching.) You were coming to help me. Thankfully I didn’t need your assistance! And I was a little embarrassed by having been the cause of a false alarm. I didn’t get that first EMT’s name but it was clear he arrived ready to do whatever necessary, had I needed the help. After I stood up and assured him I was fine (and he assure me that I didn’t need to be embarrassed – he was happy I was okay), he cancelled the call and left me to my work. I found myself thinking for some time about how fortunate we are to have a dedicated group of people so ready and willing to help close by. You are all terrific.

I have created this small print from one of the images I had taken that morning and would like you to have it in appreciation for your coming to my rescue when I thankfully didn’t need it! And no offense but, hope I never do.

Kind regards,
(Fat Red Ant)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ant Farm(ing)

I was poking around my yard yesterday and snapped these shots of ants furiously working to relocate their herd of aphids after I lifted the rock under which they had built their farm. They're not great shots because these buggers were fast and I'm still getting used to the new macro lens - the focal plane is paper thin.

Still, since I'm they're name sake so to speak, it was fun to watch them do their thing.